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Battle of the Bands App


Goal: To create a digital solution for the Whitefish, Montana Battle of the Bands attendees that allows them to have access to information during the event and streamlines the voting process to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Process

The Atlanta Bike

Customer Interviews

Through customer interviews with financial coaches in our program, our team was hearing a lot of the same pain points. Coaches feel stuck or they feel like their aren’t making any progress when it comes to their coaching business. They aren’t sure what they need to be doing. When we ask them if they know how many clients they want, they either don’t really know or they don’t know why that is their goal.

The Problem

Financial Coaches are struggling to build their businesses because they feel stuck and aren’t sure what they should be doing.

Customer Journey Map

Our team saw a lot of opportunity here to help coaches apply what they learned in the training. We brainstormed different solutions for to help coaches grow their businesses and create clients.

Further Research

Pain Points

If coaches know their business goals, how many clients they need to reach those goals, how much to charge, and how many conversations they need to have to create those clients, then they will have a framework to build their business more effectively.

Goal: Create a solution that helps financial coaches know their business goals and client goals and understand what they need to do to reach those goals. 


The Problem

For the upcoming Battle of the Bands in Whitefish, Montana, there is currently no scalable voting method and no way to communicate event information to all attendees.


Our research included observing and talking with commuters, visiting local bike shops, and riding bikes ourselves. Through this research, we discovered that Atlanta is not currently a very bike-friendly city. However, the city has been working to improve this through the growing project, the Beltine, which is a path that connects the neighborhoods of Atlanta. Through our research, we decided that we wanted to focus on creating a bike that would unite the city and make biking more appealing to the residents of Atlanta. The Beltline is working to connect the city, so why can't your own bike do the same?

The Problem: Many people do not commute via bike because they do not feel safe while riding through unfamiliar areas of Atlanta.



We conducted further research in order to better inform our design and our brand. We explored the architecture and the character of the different neighborhoods throughout the city of Atlanta. By better understanding these different areas, we could discover the best way to unify them through our bicycle design.

Insight: If the biking community were a more integral part of the greater Atlanta community, bikers would feel safer and be more encouraged to ride.

Further Research

Initial Prototype

We developed personas that represented our main user group of young professionals.

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