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100 Fold Studio Graphic Design and Creative Media

September 2018 - November 2019

100 Fold Studio is a nonprofit architecture firm located in Lakeside, Montana. I am participated in a Creative Media Internship through the M.J. Murdock Trust's Vision + Call program. My role included designing for print, social media, website, and various marketing platforms. In this position I contributed to visual communication through graphic design, brand development, and writing content.

Quarterly Newsletters

As part of my role at 100 Fold Studio, I designed newsletters that were sent to 100 Fold Studio donors and partners. I helped with both the visual and written communication. This process included creating, printing, and mailing 2,500+ newsletters in-house.

100 Fold content for portfolio2_edited.jpg

February 2019 Newsletter

100 Fold content for portfolio_edited.jpg

September 2018 Newsletter

100 Fold content for portfolio3_edited.jpg

November 2018 Newsletter

100 Fold content for portfolio4_edited.jpg

Donor Cards

Winter Studio

100 Fold Studio hosts a conference in Whitefish, Montana for architects. I created digital marketing materials for this event as well as print material.

Winter Studio 2019 logo gray with words.
Work Sample Hannah Hudson2.jpg
Work Sample Hannah Hudson22_edited.jpg

Summer Studio

100 Fold Studio hosts summer program that equips young professionals and students in leadership, service, and design. For this program I designed a logo and t-shirt, created digital marketing materials, and helped run social media.

2019 SS Logo-01_edited.jpg
Work Sample Hannah Hudson1_edited.jpg
Work Sample Hannah Hudson12.jpg

Social Media

Part of my role also included taking photos and creating graphics for social media.

Work Sample Hannah Hudson4_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Work Sample Hannah Hudson32_edited.jpg
Work Sample Hannah Hudson33_edited.jpg
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