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Lululemon Wellness Design

Fall 2016

Objective: To design a product that enhances yoga for adult women through assistive technology by creating greater accessibility for practicing yoga on one’s own and enables Lululemon to expand their product line within their existing market.

yoga mat lulu2.jpg

Interactive Yoga Mat

The final concept is a system of products that connect to improve the yoga experience through creating easily accessible yoga, enhancing breathing, and enhancing balance. The interactive mat contains pressure sensors that determine the user's center of gravity. The LED lights provide a visual cue to show the user where to shift balance.

new bracelet.jpg

Wearable Technology

The final design includes a wristband that determines the ideal breathing rhythm for the user based on the measured heart rate. Lights on the wristband glow and fade to indicate inhaling and exhaling.

Community Interaction


The community clips provide support for local businesses and events while facilitating conversation between users. As users collect new clips and trade older clips, their Atlanta Bike will evolve and represent their unique experience of the city's culture while encouraging community interaction.



The Atlanta Bike contains features that increase safety and comfort for the user. The bike in clouds comfortable handlebars, inner-seat storage with a charger, an internally geared hub, non-slip pedals, internally wired disc brakes, and a belt drive for durability.

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